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Consultation Department RFP / RFQ Process:

  1. Development: The department will develop the scope of work and evaluation criteria. These will be reviewed by the access committee as well as internally by the department. All RFP or RFQ processes will ask for a conflict of interest statement whereby the bidder must disclose any financial or personal relationship with any band employee, contractor, or leadership so that an appropriate review committee can be selected.
  2. Distribution: The department will circulate the Scope to any band owned company it is aware of and also distribute it to Economic Development who can further ensure it gets wide distribution. The department will also post the notice in band buildings and on the department Facebook page.
  3. Notice Period: the notice will remain open for a defined period of time not less than 14 days after which no applications will be accepted. Proposals will be accepted in digital and hardcopy format by a person designated on the notice. Proponents can only submit questions in writing and the written response will be available to all bidders. A site tour can be arranged and notice will be provided to all interested parties.
  4. Review: The department will review the submissions and, based on the conflict of interest declaration, select a committee of not less than three people to review the submissions. Each proposal will be scored based on the criteria set out in the development phase and the review committee will make the final determination by a majority vote.
  5. Award: The department will release the notice of award. Any contractor whishing to see how their proposal scored based on the criteria can request a copy.
  6. Execution and payment: This process will be determined based on the contract. Payment will be based on milestones which will be defined in the RFP/RFQ process. The department will make payment based on the current invoice processing time as defined by administration and finance.

Consultation RFQ/RFP

  • Scope of Work
  • Part A: Fishing Facilities
  • Part B: Camping Facilities
  • Requirements:
This project will occur in two parts: the construction of camping and fishing facilities. Camping facilities will be constructed as shown on the map with the potential for some changes based on the input form the contractor. No soil disturbance will occur so the contractor will need to bring in fill and / or gravel to lay down on top of the existing soils.
This part of the project will involve upgrading existing trail, constructing new trail, and building facilities. The contractor will clear all vegetation and salvage timber as needed. New fill / gravel will be laid down on the trail creating a trail wide enough for two vehicles to pass. Parking for 2-3 vehicles will need to be created somehow on the site. This could be a pad or parking along the trail. The contractor will construct a fish processing station approximately 8x10 feet with a floor that can easily be cleaned. The facility will include a processing table with a simple method for gathering fish guts. The building will be screened in and have a quality door which can be securely locked. Inside a locked cupboard will be constructed with space to store up to 10 standard Rubbermaid tubs. The contractor will also construct a dock at least 16 feet long suitable for docking a boat up to 16 feet long. The dock will be floating using only prefabricated (purchased) floats and be anchored every 8-10 feet. Secure mooring for the dock will be required such that it cannot easily detach from the shore. A ramp / stairs / railing will be installed so that an elder can easily access the dock.
The contractor will be responsible for improving the existing campsite, upgrading the roads, and developing new sites. Existing sites will be cleaned up and gravel / fill will be laid down on the parking pad area. Two tent pads will be constructed at ach site made of timber and sand to provide a soft / level area to pitch tents on. Roads will be capped with fill / gravel and graded smooth. Corners will be expanded and trails widened by clearing vegetation. Parking at the west end will be needed for 6-8 vehicles. The contractor will also construct a 3 season Gazebo type facility. This facility will be “temporary” so no footings or screw pilings can be used. The building must sit on temporary pilings / footings that can be installed without digging. The facility must be large enough to seat 15-20 people, have screened windows with moveable storm covers, and be heated by a wood fireplace / stove. Contractors must submit a drawing with dimensions (hand drawn is fine) with their price. Gravel pads will be needed for 6 port-a-potties on the site. Four will be located at the group camping area and two at near the entrance so they are close to campsites and the fish cleaning facility.
• The contractor will submit a price for Part A and a price for Part B using the supplied form
• The contractor will, prior to starting work, provide a WCB clearance letter and certificate of insurance
• The contractor will identify any subcontractors. In the event of a joint bid, one contractor must be identified as the prime contractor.
• The contractor will identify the payment schedule expected and milestones.
• The contractor will identify any potential conflicts of interest including family associations with anyone employed by the consultation department, the band administration, or leadership