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Cold Lake First Nations Information Technology Department Objective


The IT Department supports initiatives that utilize information technology to facilitate Cold Lake First Nations mission of public service. The Department's focus is to provide easy access to secure, reliable, and timely data. The Department is committed to training and retaining quality staff, investigating new technologies, and collaborating with other departments to provide effective technical solutions.

 Our primary responsibilities are to:

Manage CLFN departments networks & computer systems;
Manage and maintain both cellular and land line phone systems;
Manage, Update and Develop the communities online web presence;
Manage creation of CLFN Newsletter;
Manage and monitor security systems;
Monitor and direct the growth and performance of both hardware and software;
Coordinate with departments concerning information services and compile data for long and short-term projects as requested by departments;
Consult with departments regarding computer purchases;
Evaluate, recommend, and implement emerging technology;
Provide training and technical assistance on software applications;
And develop and implement guidelines for:

   a. Hardware/software standardization
   b. Anti- Virus/Spam/Spyware/Phishy prevention/detection
   c. Compliance
   d. Network Security & Management
   e. Software licenses
   f. Education/Training
   g. Hardware/software registration
   h. Internet access
   i. E-mail access
   j. Firewall configuration
   k. Backup procedures
   l. Disaster recovery planning 


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